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Universities and Education

Informing and serving students effectively.


Solari’s solution for universities, and in particular for students offices, aims to improve the services provided by these organizations, especially during those times of year in which the user influx is greatest.


Communicating with students and keeping them informed is one the most important issues in universities, schools, student dorms and regional education centers.

Consider the promotion of organized school events, the communication of changes to hours and classrooms, or the notification of due dates for tuition payments and for the submission of certain documents, and even the need to broadcast institutional advertisements.


The number of contents, together with the burden of distributing them quickly, frequently and consistently in different locations, perhaps even far part, are all aspects that require an effective and efficient solution.

To meet these needs, Solari has created a scalable and flexible Digital Signage solution, capable of adapting to the characteristics of the environments in which it is installed.


The proposed system is made up of different hardware elements, such as:

  • TFT-LCD Displays of different sizes and types, which can be used as screens for the distribution of general information, as well as bulletin boards to display notices for students
  • Information Kiosks used as info-points, that can also be equipped with a thermal printer
  • LED Bulletin Board to inform students, even while they are outside of buildings
  • Digital Signage Box to distribute multimedia contents to devices that are not specifically provided by Solari di Udine


As far as software is concerned, Solari, with its experience as an undisputed leader in the field of public communication, has developed Scenario. Taking into account the field for which the software was created, much attention was given to its simplicity and ease of installation and use.

Scenario is designed for the PC platform and Windows operating system environment, and it allows one to prepare contents and to plan their distribution by creating schedules, and to therefore show them throughout the display network.


An interesting way of integrating our solution within this area, for example for the student offices of a university, is to use the Digital Signage system, coupled with a queue management system (SmartQ), with the same devices. In this way, for example, on a single display, it is possible to show queue information in one area of the screen and distribute other information in another area: all this with the objective of making the wait more pleasant and interesting, and therefore reducing the students’ perception of the waiting time.

Products for this solution

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TFT kiosk
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