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Assisting travelers by displaying information regarding arrivals and departures.


To equip over one hundred train stations with information displays (including accessories needed for installation) to improve and enrich the services provided in the Freccia Club, customer service and ticket office areas - To guarantee conformity with specifications regarding aesthetics, graphics and the Trenitalia logo - To centralize control of contents viewed throughout the country


A total of a few hundred devices, including 46” panels, more than a hundred 32” displays and just as many 23” displays, made to allow the customization of aesthetic aspects and the exterior design. A central software for managing contents (Scenario), which makes it possible to distribute the same information to all train stations, directly from the Rome headquarters.

  • The displays are produced in-house
  • Great possibility of customizing color, logo and shape
  • Devices designed for professional use (operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week)
  • Unified management of displayed contents
Case Study Trenitalia

With its many train connections throughout Italy, Trenitalia manages public facilities in many cities: ticket offices, waiting rooms, customer service, etc., thousands of environments that are populated by different kinds of people, who wait for minutes, or even hours, for the departure and arrival of trains.


The essential information regarding train arrival and departure times is further enriched with other information regarding products, current promotional offers, and advertisements.

Along with detailed and timely information regarding basic services, there is also the need for information regarding other linked or complementary services that a train station may offer travelers: baggage storage, restaurant areas, financial services, connections, and timetables for air or land transportation, as well as information on how to reach them, or even just promotional offers by sponsors. This is all information that the company can broadcast at any time, as an alternative to or alongside more essential basic information.


All of this information, in addition to being useful themselves, also helps killing time throughout the unavoidable waiting periods at the train station. The feeling of a more “useful” waiting period, rather than idle time, increases the perception of a higher quality of service, and therefore the overall satisfaction of those who require Trenitalia services, therefore improving the reputation of the company.


For the brand to be perceived in a positive way, when providing information and digital signage, it is important that the Trenitalia brand be always visible and quickly linked by the user to the service being provided: for this reason it is essential that the devices be decorated with the logos, graphics and typical colors of the brand, so that an immediate association between the quality of the service and the company providing it may be made.


Also important is the consistency and uniformity of the contents shown: for this reason, it is ideal to have a single software that guarantees a centralized control of the entire system to allow for remote management of the schedules of all the displays distributed throughout the various stations.


In this case, the application used is Scenario, which is installed at the main headquarters and manages the schedules and various multimedia contents that are distributed to the train stations, so that information pertaining to services, (arrivals and departures, time changes, etc.) along with other information regarding those services, or otherwise useful to travelers, may be displayed.


The highly reliable devices, designed for continuous use, are ideal for providing an uninterrupted flow of information, 24 hours a day, everyday, as required by train stations that never close their doors, and are always open to the public.


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