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Trenitalia AV

An excellence service distinguishes itself at the first glance


To correctly direct “Alta Velocità” (“High Speed”) customers to the dedicated ticketing areas and to help them recognise the specific devices and use them in a intuitive and immediate way - To ensure a high-quality ticketing service for “Freccia” products - To provide an effective queue management system, also in some of the central ticketing windows


A server for each station, equipped with a control software (SolariQ), touch-screen ticket dispensers and hall summary displays, virtual calling terminal and an LED display for each clerk window (dozens of displays): these products are the components of the ten installations expected to manage customer flows, providing an effective management of queues for Alta Velocità customers, making this ticketing service independent from the central desk. The queue virtualization in the central ticket office, realized by assigning a progressive number to customers, improves the quality of the time spent in the common halls of the station; furthermore, the care for the design of the devices placed in the Alta Velocità areas allows to clearly distinguish them from the rest of the structure and to meet the strict requirements by Trenitalia, concerning its flagship product image.

  • Distinctive and sophisticated design of devices
  • Adaptability to client brand design specifications
  • Efficiency and precision in customer flow management
  • Ability to manage a high structural complexity
Case Study Trenitalia AV

The “Alta Velocità” (lit. “High Speed”) product line by Trenitalia, already reaching all major stations in Italy, undoubtedly represents the cutting edge of the services supplied by this transportation company.


As an example of excellence it their own field, the “Freccia” products require a ‘dividing line’ to distinguish them from the more common products and services in the stations; this distinction must take place in the spaces that are open to the public, especially in the dedicated ticket offices, which in the main stations are usually separated and independent from standard train ones.


The Alta Velocità customers, therefore, have to recognize a substantial difference in service quality by the time they enter any Trenitalia facility. Everything during his/her travel experience must be of a superior quality: the travel speed as well as the comfort of the vehicle; the courtesy of the personnel as well as environment and detail care. In the same way, the specific ticket office has to be seen as an exclusive service: for clearness and speed in obtaining the desired ticket as well as for the design and aesthetic of the ambience and the adopted devices.


To meet the requests and manage the waiting time for the people purchasing an Alta Velocità service (often for business or institutional purposes), personnel must find the best working conditions. Simplicity in operating with tools is fundamental, as well as clarity and accessibility of information for users.


The same need for adaptable solutions for the queue management also involves central ticket offices, that are larger and busier; moreover, nowadays train stations are increasingly similar to malls: shops, fast food restaurants, agencies and various services, expo areas. The way travelers ‘live’ their waiting time has radically changed.


For this reason, queue management in ticket offices must change, as well: long lines, laid out by bands and barriers, have been replaced by wide open spaces, filled with virtual queues, with ticket dispensers, counter displays and hall boards. Users gain back their time, Trenitalia service eliminates slowdowns and dissatisfaction, and even station shops have more customers.


All these advantages are obtained thanks to Solari’s solution: every Trenitalia ticket office has its own server with its own SolariQ software for the dynamic queue management; each one has one or more touch-screen ticket dispenser with a double printer, with one or more large size hall displays (in the specific, 46” TFP Line displays); every window is provided with highly readable counter display and number-calling terminal, connected and managed by the central control system. This infrastructure ensures the maximum flexibility, effectiveness and, above all, speed in supplying the service to the public.


Thanks to this project, the standard-service customer has a more satisfying and relaxed travel experience, while those who avail themselves of the Trenitalia flagship product immediately perceive a superior service quality and reliability.


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TFP Line
ETK 1615