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Train Stations and Airports

They who start off well, travel peacefully


The world of today teaches us that there are many renewable resources, however time remains an ever diminishing commodity and must therefore be managed with care. Time is precious to each of us and for this reason, standing still, in front of a clerk window, waiting to receive a service, is wasteful and of no use, and therefore poorly tolerated.


The need to efficiently manage users who are waiting in line is very important at ticket booths in train stations or subways, as well as bus stations and airports.

In this specific area, Solari’s main objective is to optimize the services offered to users in line for tickets, and to reinvent waiting time by distributing various types of information and multimedia contents.


To meet these ever-growing needs, Solari di Udine offers a queue management solution that is extremely flexible and made up of a combination of devices such as a touchscreen dispenser, TFT-LCD summary displays for waiting areas and service window displays. The wide range of available products, of different types and sizes, makes it possible to create the most suitable solution, based on location, so as to direct customers to their desired service window, in a simple and intuitive way.


All components are managed by the SolariQ queue management software which makes it possible to configure the system devices, monitor their functions, analyze data regarding the services provided and system functions and, most importantly, to process statistical reports, and manage the different clerk windows from a virtual control room, so that average waiting and service times are optimized.


In this particular field, the most important aspect of this solution is undoubtedly the ability to integrate queue management with Digital Signage. In this way, ticket booths create an opportunity to offer products and advertise by using the same devices that show the state of the queue. This makes it possible to inform customers and make their wait more useful.

Arrival/departure times, lines and destinations, notices regarding the suspension of service, seasonal timetable changes, activations of new routes, as well as promotional offers, pages from the organization’s website, or presentations regarding the quality of services provided, are just a few examples of how Digital Signage can be used in this area.


Another interesting form of integration is the ability to issue a virtual ticket, which is in every way equivalent to a paper ticket, by using a simple app that can be downloaded on a smartphone. That way, the user can request a service even from home, and then arrive at the ticket booth just a few minutes before the number is called.


Finally, as an option, the solution can be enriched by introducing the concept of Customer Feedback. By using specific terminals, it is possible to have users express their opinions regarding the service they’ve just been provided, so as to contribute to their improvement.

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Trenitalia chose Solari’s solution for customer flow management in his reception and ticketing for “Alta Velocità” services.
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