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The Digital Signage

The revolution of information to the public in a simple and effective way

Digital Signage is the present state-of-the-art technique for supplying information to the public in a facility or in an open area.

It is based on using digital support, rather than printed paper, to show many kinds of information, entertainment or commercial contents, providing all the benefits one can imagine: first of all the ease of updating contents, with no waste of paper or materials. And this is just the beginning of this technological innovation.

Digital Signage represents an innovative form of communication, based on multimedia content broadcasting by means of electronic devices such as LCD or TFT displays, LED displays or kiosks, placed in public areas, in companies or stores.

Such a solution allows to communicate different contents, at predefined times and modalities, in a captivating and dynamic manner, and it is aimed at those who are likely to stop by a device for a while, even if briefly.


In terms of hardware solution, one might think that every screen works with preloaded slides, to be manually updated. Actually, the real revolution led by Digital Signage comes from the ability to remotely control a virtually infinite number of devices, even from a great distance, operating in a completely independent and customized way, according to their specific positions.


Using a digital signage software, connected to the screens via ethernet, it is possible to plan an entire schedule and adjust contents according to the different times of the day and to the different audience expected to be watching.


It is possible to set mixed layouts for each display, spreading data about different services on separate portions of the screen, while showing commercials or complementary information on other ones; in the same way, videoclips, slideshows, real-time updated contents (news, weather forecasts, RSS feeds or live coverage) can be included. In some cases even audio contents are included.

The system can be integrated with an alarm and security system, to broadcast emergency alerts and indicate safe routes and exits.


All this can be done from a single control station, using it to access the control software as well as each single device (should that be desired), by means of a web interface. A centralized management, for multiple installations spread troughout a region, allows an organization to broadcast information in a consistent and simultaneous way, as well as to make quick changes and corrections.

Central control, versatility and flexibility, place/time/audience-based message targeting, immediate access to all peripherals, ease of use and maintenance, reduction of paper and material consumption… Digital Signage is the best effective way of lowering costs and improving efficiency in any public department or facility, but also in large organizations: whenever fast information bradcast is strategically important.

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