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TFC Line
Full color display set, LCD-TFT technology, for indoor use
  • Suitable for extended operation (16H)

  • Integrated player and software (Scenario client)

  • Light-material body

  • Stand-alone operation in case of network outage

TFC Line

Why choose TFC Line?


Also functions in stand-alone mode

Simple and effective solution

Layout versatility

The flexible configuration and technical characteristics of the TFC displays make them an ideal tool for showing multimedia contents prepared by Scenario.

The ability to choose between presenting a single content rather than subdividing the screen into multiple areas, each with its own independent content, allows for greater freedom of use. Moreover, it allows more than one installation mode: the displays can be installed horizontally (“landscape”) or vertically (“portrait”) according to the space available and the contents to be shown.

An independent client

A PC platform incorporated into the display makes it possible to locally memorize the contents prepared by Scenario and to view them based on their schedule, even if not connected to the central software. The contents are updated thanks to the Ethernet or USB interface, and this makes it possible to use the display as a device connected to the local network or as a standalone device.

Simple, yet complete

The displays are designed for extended use in shops and offices, and are capable of operating continuously during opening hours (up to 16 hours without interruptions).

The solution includes the display, the player and the preinstalled Scenario Client software: all the necessary to be connected to the LAN and to the digital signage system, for a turnkey solution.

Lightweight and easy to install

The display is attached to its support by Vesa universal attachment and is very light: these two carachteristics make it easy and fast to install in any location and any position.

The player, extremely small in size, can take position on the wall mount, preventing any waste of further room.

Not only video

The TFC display speakers, connected to the player, allow to enrich the solution in terms of providing information, by satisfying the need to distribute audio information along with video or other contents prepared by the Scenario application.

Energy saving and ease of use

The displays automatically switch to stand-by mode, turning the TFT panel off, as soon as the player runs out of programmed contents. This way, it isn’t necessary to manually turn the displays on and off, since it moves in and out the stand-by mode as necessary, according to the scheduling operated via the Scenario software.

Moreover, doing so, the display complies to an energy saving criteria, with all the benefits that follow from it (ecological as well as economical ones).

Microprocessor (player) Intel Celeron 847 - 1.10GHz
Memory (player) RAM 2GByte, SSD 32GByte
Ethernet Interface (player) 10/100/1000 Mbps

1 VGA in (display)

1 HDMI in (display)

Audio line in (display)

Audio line out (display)

2 HDMI out (player)

3 USB 2.0 ports (player)

Operating system (player) Windows 7 Embedded Standard
Display characteristics


Size: 32”, 40”, 46” (others available upon request)

Format: 16:9

Colors: 16,7 million


32”: 1366 x 768 (HD Ready)

40”: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

46”: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)


32”: 330 cd/m2 (max)

40”: 350 cd/m2 (max)

46”: 350 cd/m2 (max)

32”: 4000:1 (max)

40”: 5000:1 (max)

46”: 5000:1 (max)
Reading angle 178° vertical, 178° horizontal

Wall or ceiling

Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz

32”: 77W (max)

40”: 110W (max)

46”: 121W (max)
Operating temperature 0°C  +40°C
Size (display only)

32”: 737x434x94mm (WxHxD)

40”: 925x541x94mm (WxHxD)

46”: 1057x615x94mm (WxHxD)

Weight (display only)

32”: 6,0 Kg

40”: 9,3 Kg

46”: 11,9 Kg

The TFC Line displays are available in three different versions, respectively 32”, 40”, 46” (other sizes available on request).







TFC 1632 HD


Monitor size: 32"

Resolution: HD (1366x768)



TFC 1640 HD


Monitor size: 40"

Resolution: FHD (1920x1080)



TFC 1646 HD


Monitor size: 46"

Resolution: FHD (1920x1080)

TFC 1632 HD

TFC 1632 HD

Cod. 8250829
Monitor size: 32"
Resolution: HD (1366x768)
TFC 1640 FHD

TFC 1640 FHD

Cod. 8250830
Monitor size: 40"
Resolution: FHD (1920x1080)
TFC 1646 FHD

TFC 1646 FHD

Cod. 8250831
Monitor size: 46"
Resolution: FHD (1920x1080)


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What is it

A TFC Line display set is a display solution providing an LCD/TFT screen and an external player device; it is designed for a Solari’s Scenario digital singage system. Suitable for an extended operation (16h), essential and lightweight.

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