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A software for a queue management system
  • Flexible configuration: multiple and/or interlocking queues management

  • Web-based interface for calling terminals

  • Remote control of the devices, real-time status monitor

  • Advanced tools for analysis and reports

  • Integrated Digital Signage solution


Why choose SolariQ?

Management of multiple services with different priorities

Direct ticket call, single or group call, queue redirecting


Users guidance

SolariQ’s main objective it to automatically direct users to the window that provides the requested service. This need is fulfilled taking into account the system configuration (and therefore the services provided by the various service windows), the assigned priorities (which are of great importance should a window provide multiple services) and the users waiting to be served. In terms of definition and distribution of information, the software application is supported by summary displays and window displays that direct the users to the correct window in a simple and intuitive way, and by ticket dispensers, which inform users of how long they must wait.

Immediate information...

The dispenser, printing the ticket assigned to the customer, can provide the customer with any useful information on the ticket itself. The highly configurable ticket, with a wide choice of printable contents, (the number of people in line for the specific service, the estimated waiting time…), makes it possible to offer immediately available information and therefore to guarantee an optimal service.

…even for the tellers

The great simplification of service window activities makes SolariQ an effective and efficient solution for all customer flow management requirements. The automatic analysis of which windows users are to be directed to, together with functional flexibility, when necessary, let the operator explicitly call a ticket or direct it to another window.

A client for each window

There are two possibilities to let the teller interact with the system: a hardware device (keypad) for simply calling a number, or a specific web application (window client).

The window software allows the operator to manage all service window operations in a simple and complete way, such as calling a number, indicating whether a customer has shown up or not, enable the customer satisfaction terminal (if present), handle suspended tickets (meaning users already called, but that haven’t shown up at the window), or finally to pause or close the service window.

System monitor

SolariQ makes it possible to monitor the functioning state of all peripheral devices, thanks to a synoptic diagram of the entire system, where it is possible to check its various devices (displays, dispensers and terminals) in an immediate and intuitive way, and where it is also possible to view any anomalies. Furthermore, functioning parameters of the devices can be controlled remotely, so as to reduce management costs by having maintenance performed only when it is strictly necessary.

A notification mechanism that alerts the service window client of any malfunctions or, in general, of any situations that require manual intervention (for example, the dispenser’ s ticket paper is almost out), completes the set of tools available that allow for total control in real-time of the entire system.

Analyzing data to improve service

SolariQ offers various summaries, about tickets and provided services data, which can be consulted (both numerically as well as graphically), for immediate legibility or even be exported to Excel. Filters can be appliend to the detailed or summarized analyses, based on different selection (such as service, waiting room or clerk window) and ordered based on the displayed information (waiting room, service, clerk and you see window, timeframe).

All these functionalities allow to satisfy any customer need, both in terms of optimizing internal resources (and therefore management costs), as well as improving service for the end-user, by reducing waiting times (e.g. with the opening of more clerk windows during time frames with greater traffic).

Simulations and optimizations

The application also provides a simulation function, thanks to which it is possible to simulate the system’s behavior based on the configured parameters, such as service priorities or the number of clerk windows open to the public: this allows for a better organization of the services provided and the committed resources, for example, determining which level of personnel is optimal for providing an adequate service and to lower management costs.

For small or large structures

Thanks to the technological choices and the adopted architecture, SolariQ is a scalable solution: it is suitable for environments of various sizes. Its flexibility and level of configurability allow it to meet the requirements of both small systems as of more articulated and complex systems.

Integration with digital signage

Solari also wanted SolariQ to integrate the customer flow management system with the digital signage system, with the purpose of making the process of waiting in line as pleasant as possible, by transforming it into a useful and lively period of time, thanks to the distribution of various types of information and indications and by removing the feeling that the waiting time is long and wasted, and therefore difficult to tolerate.

Operating System Windows Server2008
Browser Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Mozilla FireFox 1.5 or later, Google Chrome

The application is available in different versions that differ in the number of managed clerk windows.







Supports up to 5 different clerk windows



Supports up to type 10 different clerk windows


SOLARIQ UNLIMITED WINDOWS Supports an unlimited number of clerk windows


Cod. 51456869
Supports up to 5 different clerk windows


Cod. 51456877
Supports up to type 10 different clerk windows


Cod. 51456885
Supports an unlimited number of clerk windows

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What is it

SolariQ is a software for queue management systems, to manage customers flows in the waiting halls and organize clerk windows activity, with control functions for the system devices (ticket dispensers, hall and window displays, customer satisfaction terminals).

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