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Public Administration

Helping citizens access public services


Time is a person’s most precious resource and, for this reason, standing still in front of a clerk window, waiting to pay for a ticket or to be provided a service, is often perceived as being a longer period of time than it is, and therefore badly tolerated and considered to be wasted.


In particular, in the public administration field, in city halls and the Department of Motor Vehicles, in police stations and the Chamber of Commerce, in courthouses and tax offices, managing time in the best way possible (for the organization and the end user) means optimizing the entire service. For a queue management system, however, this aspect must be just a starting point.


For this reason, Solari’s solution proposes an integration between the queue management system and Digital Signage. This approach allows the reinvention of waiting time, by transforming it from idle time to active time, time in which a person may be informed. In this way, the organization can communicate with the user and make the person’s wait more useful by showing information on the waiting area summary displays regarding both the queue state as well as other information, such as clerk window working hours, services provided, events organized or sponsored by the organization or pages from the organization’s website, or other information of public interest that engages the end-user.


Solari’s solution meets these requirements, and is extremely flexible, scalable and easily customized by combining a series of objects, such as a touchscreen dispenser, TFT-LCD summary displays for waiting areas and service window displays. The wide range of available products, of different types and sizes, makes it possible to create the most suitable solution, based on location, so as to direct end-users to their desired service window, in a simple and intuitive way.


All components are managed by the SolariQ queue management software which makes it possible to configure the system devices, monitor their functions, analyze data regarding the services provided and system functions and, most importantly, to process statistical reports, and manage the different clerk windows from a virtual control room, so that average waiting and service times are optimized.


Another two interesting forms of integration are those that allow the issuing of virtual tickets, in every way equivalent to a paper tickets, by using a simple app on a smartphone, and the integration of Customer Feedback terminals, which allow end users to express their opinion regarding received services.

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