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Other sectors

Communicating with users is everyone’s objective


Besides traditional sectors, Digital Signage can be used in countless ways. The pervasiveness, consistency and speed with which it is capable of spreading a message, be it service or promotional material, makes it suitable for every communication need, in all environments, small or large, simple or complex.


A health facility of any size may broadcast important notices in public areas, such as a tick outbreak warning, or awareness campaigns, or even indications regarding personal hygiene. For patients waiting to be served, such information makes the wait more useful than it would be otherwise. It therefore improves how waiting time is perceived, as well as the quality of life of the local population.


In the restaurant industry, the ability to update menus in real-time (according to the time of day, day of the week and season) and to instantly display promotional messages (linked to the specific purchase of each customer), with consequent targeted promotions, has an immediate effect on sales.


Digital Signage applications in large hotels, exhibition and entertainment facilities improve how visitors are directed to where they wish to go, therefore reducing the inconvenience to them and the amount of time necessary to reach their destination. Furthermore, it allows the broadcasting of promotional messages, such as information regarding current events, temporary offers, movie trailers and much more.


Within a company, Digital Signage makes it possible to update, in real-time, all those present within a facility, both visitors and employees regarding important internal information, such as welcoming messages for visitors or clients, company notices or alerts for employees, or technical and organizational information for the production department.


In all of these fields, as well as many others, Digital Signage is the ideal solution for distributing information regarding security measures and emergencies, such as fire alarms or evacuation of alerts, complete with directions regarding escape routes, specific to each location in which the communication devices are installed.


Various hardware components are available to better suit the environments in which they are to be installed and the customer’s needs: TFT-LCD displays, information kiosks, LED bulletin boards and the Digital Signage Box, are the elements that make up the system and can be configured, managed and monitored by means of the Scenario central software application.

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