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Counter display, to call the queue numbers, LCD-TFT technology
  • Integrated player to be connected to the SolariQ server

  • Suitable size for the installation at the clerk window (10”)

  • Low-voltage powered

  • Automatically adjusting brightness, according to ambient light


Why choose MINI TFP?

Highly reliable and long lifecycle

Excellent legibility even from an angle 

The ability to display information or images in color

Flexibility first of all

The flexibility and technical characteristics of the MINI TFP make it the ideal tool for showing different contents prepared with Scenario software.

This kind of display can visualize a single content as well as multiple contents simultaneously, shown with customizable characters and enriched with graphical elements, such as a company logo.

Typically, the display is configured to indicate the service being provided and the ticket currently being served, as well as the clerk window.

The power of pictures

These window displays, because of their TFT screen, offer great freedom in terms of what they can show: it is possible to add images to the traditional text,for a more effective communication of greater impact. The use of color presents another feature that allows for an enriched and engaging content.

It’s thin but robust

The aluminum housing, that provides mechanical support and protection to the internal components, together with the front cover, made of multilayered glass that protects the active area of the display and reduces the glare caused by ambient light, make this display extremely robust, foundamental feature for its tipical use.

Small is beautiful

The MINI TFP are specifically designed to be small in size: this makes them easy to integrate in locations with little room available, so that they are easy to install anywhere.

With its small size and sharp design, the MINI TFP is an aesthetically refined furnishing element suitable for any setting.

Professional and reliable

Since they are designed for professional use, the MINI TFP are capable of guaranteeing continuous operation (24 hours a day, seven days a week). These devices, unlike consumer products, are highly reliable,can operate even in severe environmental conditions and maintain a long life cycle. Furthermore, the low-voltage power supply makes these devices vary secure and suitable for public areas.

a Green-IT display

The displays are equipped with an ambient-light sensor, which automatically regulates the brightness according to environmental light. This feature not only allows for optimal viewing of the displayed information, but it also increases the life span of the screen, by reducing to a minimum the periods of time in which display operates at maximum brightness (the most wearing for the device).

Microprocessor Intel Atom 1,6 GHz
Memory RAM 1GByte
Ethernet interface 10/100 Mbps

1 RJ-45 port for RS232

1 RJ-45 port for RS232/422/485

1 RJ-45 port for Giga LAN

5 USB 2.0 ports (4 on the back, 1 on the front panel)

1 DIO port (4 input/4 output)

1 VGA port
Operating System Linux
Display characteristics


Size: 10,2”

Colors: 262.000
Resolution 1024 x 600
Brightness 400 cd/m2
Contrast 400:1 (max)
Reading angle 110° vertical, 140° horizontal

ABS with plastic front frame

front antishock glass
Installation Wall
Power supply From 10 to 28 Vcc
Absorption 28W
Operating temperature -10°C  +50°C
IP protection degree IP63
Size 313,8(W)220(H)x52,5(D)
Weight 1,5Kg







Monitor size: 10”

Resolution: 1024x600


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What is it

The MINI TFP is a compact screen, with integrated player, designed for a Solari’s SolariQ queue management system. While installed above or aside a clerk window, it allows to display elaborated graphic information about the supplied service.

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