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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is it possible to display the current time on the MINI TFP display?

    The MINI TFP displays are capable of showing the current date and time, which are automatically updated by the central server.

  • Why should I use a MINI TFP display instead of a standard TFP Line display?

    The MINI TFP displays are small in size and thickness. They are therefore suitable to be installed in situations where the space available is very limited. Because of their characteristics, they are ideal for a capillary distribution of Digital Signage information.

  • Why should I use a bigger TFP Line display, rather than the less expensive MINI TFP display?

    The MINI TFP displays, because of their characteristics, are capable of distributing light-weight multimedia content, such as text, images, or short videos. However, they are not suitable for distributing large videos or for presenting different contents simultaneously, because of the limited video area available. This display also does not support PDF files, or PowerPoint presentations. For all these reasons, one should consider a higher class, TFP display.

  • Why should I use a MINI TFP display, rather than a simple television?

    The MINI TFP displays are characterized by industrial-grade components (power supplies, fans, scaler), and therefore guarantee a greater reliability and durability. Unlike televisions, they’ve been designed to work 24 hours a day. They are also equipped with a shockproof frontal glass, making them more secure and suitable for public areas. Finally, the operating parameters of MINI TFP displays can be monitored remotely. This is an important feature that a television does not offer and that is particularly useful in a distributed system.

  • Is it possible to identify anomalies from the central system?

    Yes, each display is equipped with an internal diagnostic system that identifies any malfunctions, which are then highlighted by the central server.

  • Is the MINI TFP display noisy?

    No. The MINI TFP information displays are silent. The MINI TFP displays, because of their characteristics and size, do not need fans: in a conditioned environment, such as those in which they are placed, the local temperature allows for a natural thermal exchange, which is enough not to require the use of fans. Therefore, the device is completely silent.