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Booking an appointment and picking up results efficiently


Solari’s solution for managing queues represents a valid tool for healthcare facilities that offer services to the public and use multiple service windows.


Managing queues efficiently is very important, especially when it comes to hospital appointment windows, picking up medical reports, taking blood tests, group practices, doctors’ offices and emergency rooms.

In this specific field, the main objective of Solari di Udine S.p.A. is to optimize the services provided to patients and to reinvent waiting time by distributing information and multimedia contents.


For these purposes, the proposed solution is extremely flexible, scalable and can be customized by combining a series of objects, such as a touchscreen dispenser, TFT-LCD summary displays for waiting areas and service window displays. The wide range of available products, of different types and sizes, makes it possible to create the most suitable solution, based on location, so as to direct people to their desired service window in a simple and intuitive way.


All components are managed by the SolariQ queue management software which makes it possible to configure the system devices, monitor their functions, analyze data regarding the services provided and system functions, as well as to process statistical reports.


Furthermore, there are two system features that are extremely interesting and worth mentioning:

  • the application makes it possible to manage the various clerk windows from a virtual control room, so that the average waiting and service times are optimized;
  • through ticket forwarding, SolariQ avoids the need for a user to reenter multiple queues should the person require more than one service, and it does so by automatically “transferring” the user from one service to the next.


One of the most interesting and innovative aspects of the system is the possibility of integrating the queue management system with Digital Signage, which allows one to view multimedia information, as well as information regarding the queue, while using the same devices.

This ability is very much appreciated in the healthcare sector, since it allows the distribution of various types of information, such as services provided and working hours, video clips about preventive healthcare, informational campaigns (for example, flu vaccinations, information regarding how to prevent tick bites, etc.), or more simply, the layout of the hospital and how to get around, so that users may access the facility and its services more easily.


Another interesting form of integration is the ability to issue a virtual ticket, which is in every way equivalent to a paper ticket, by using a simple app that can be downloaded on a smartphone. That way, the user can request a service even from home, and then arrive at the service window just a few minutes before the number is called.


Other enriching features, specific to the healthcare field, is the possibility of interfacing with internal booking systems used by hospital facilities, with the purpose of also handling tickets for the services provided, as well as integration with the triage code assignment system, typically used in emergency rooms.


Finally, as an option, the concept of Customer Feedback can also be integrated into the solution. By using specific terminals, it is possible to have users express their opinions regarding the service they’ve just been provided, so as to contribute to their improvement.

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The new hospital compound in Bergamo has been furnished with several clocks and with a complete customer flow management and workforce management system.
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