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ETK 1623
Information kiosk with ticket dispenser for booking a service
  • Self-supporting, kiosk structure

  • 23” LCD-TFT display, Full HD, touch-screen

  • Customizable screen layout, queue management/digital signage integration

  • Integrated PC platform: capable of independently managing the queue management system

  • Integrated thermal printer, with larger paper roll

ETK 1623

Why choose ETK 1623?

Plug-and-play installation as a queue management server

Ability to customize what is shown, and to integrate digital signage, dividing the video area into multiple sectors

Barcode and smart card reader

Robust and functional design

The dispenser’s housing along with the floor support (protected from tampering by security locks and other protective measures), make the device extremely robust and stable. Being conceived as an integral part of a queue management system as well as a Digital Signage element, the ETK 1623 is characterized by a captivating and attractive design, suitable for installations within any environment.

Configuration flexibility

The graphical layout of the displayed information can be configured so that the system’s administrator can define the number of buttons shown, along with their colors and contents, as well as whether or not there is an area of the display reserved for distributing information, images, video clips and logos, thus rendering the device both a ticket dispenser and a digital signage tool.

The vertical placement of the display allows for a better positioning of the buttons, maximizing the number of services that can be shown simultaneously, while preserving the usability and intuitivity of the device.

Useful information

Thanks to the touchscreen display,the user selects the service desired simply by touching the area for that service, as soon as he or she read the available services and their information (e.g. the number of people in line and average waiting time).

This way, the customer is able to use this information to better manage the waiting time or, if necessary, forgo the service at all, should the waiting time not be compatible with the person’s schedule.

Furthermore, when a service is not available, the corresponding buttons remain inactive and are grayed out and they show a message indicating the service hours,so that the user has the necessary information to access that service at a later time.

Ticket customization

A lot of information can be printed on the ticket. The layout is configurable and customizable with the company logo; next to the name of the organization and the ticket number, it is also possible to print the requested service, the number of people in line and the average waiting time (based on data available). These are but a few examples, since the contents are many and can be set in many ways within the available space: the extreme flexibility of our solution allows to assign to each service a different ticket layout, in terms of content and format.

Preventing inconveniences

The ETK 1623 is capable of using a large roll of paper, so as to guarantee ticket dispensing for long periods of time, without the need of frequent maintenance, even in environments with large transaction volumes.

Furthermore, the dispenser is equipped with two sensors capable of detecting events as ”almost out of paper” or “out of paper”.

In these situations an alert message is sent in real-time to the central control unit, which then alerts the service window operator and/or the system’s administrator. The “almost out of paper” event is particularly useful since it allows one to change the thermal paper roll before it is finished, avoiding therefore any service interruptions.

Integrated and indipendent software

The simple installation is guaranteed by the onboard SmartQ software application: being preinstalled, it spares the need for the support of an external server. This, together with the excellent legibility of information on a large display, make the device ideal for any environment.

Furthermore, installation costs (and time) are considerably reduced since no software installation is necessary.

Microprocessor Intel® Core™ i3
Chipset Intel® Q67 Express Chipset
Memory RAM 2GByte, HDD 160GByte
Ethernet interface 10/100/1000 Mbps

2 USB 3.0 ports

4 USB 2.0 ports
Operating System Windows 7 Embedded Standard
Display characteristics

Type: LCD/TFT FullHD

Size: 23”

Format: 16:9

Colors: 16,7 million
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Reading angle 160° vertical, 160° horizontal
Housing Coated steel
Installation Floor mounted
Power supply 230Vac, 50 Hz
Absorption 1A
Operating temperature 0°C  +40°C
IP protection degree IP30
Relative humidity 20 - 85% without condensation
Size 520(W)x1778(H)x(160+base)(D)
Weight 72,5 Kg
Software characteristics

Layout: customizable (buttons, messages, colors, background, logos, etc.)

Ticket: customizable

Integrated software player

Integrated queue management software
Other characteristics

Internal clock with backup battery

Ventilation system with thermostat

Thermal 8 dot/mm

Self sharpening cutter

Ticket with presenter

260m roll

Paper almost out sensor

Paper out sensor

Magnetic, contact or contactless card reader

Linear or two dimensional barcode reader

Audio system with two integrated speakers





ETK 1623

Display size: 23”

Housing color: white


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What is it

The ETK 1623 is an all-in-one kiosk, provided with a thermal printer, with the purpose of dispensing reservation tickets, and with touch-screen displayed buttons, to select the needed services; at the same time, it can display multimedia contents and information about the managed queues. It can be equipped with a speaker, for audio announcements, and with a magnetic card or smartcard reader.

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