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Digital Signage application fields

Informing, entertaining, engaging customers

In all cases in which provided services can be improved by enhancing information distribution, digital signage provides immense benefits; because of its advantages and the further possibilities it comes with, new uses of digital signage are conceived every day.

In the medical field (hospitals, clinics or dentists) it represents an undeniable revolution in the way patients and doctors or nursing personnel communicate with each other. Providing basic health information or prevention campaigns, broadcasted beside news and entertaining contents, becomes a new way of conceiving communication, carrying a relevant added value. It results in better patients health education.


For example, in the case of a hospital: hundreds of people (even thousands, in the larger ones) crowd lobbies, corridors, lounges, waiting their turn to access a clinic. Interesting, attractive, dynamic contents can turn an unproductive waiting time into an opportunity for entertainment or education (e.g. hygenic routine), with multiple benefits: a better perceived service, useful information disclosure, stress reduction for patients.

There are many other fields for Digital Signage implementation:


In personnel transportation, be they airports, train stations or urban transportations, digital signage allows travelers to enrich the time spent onboard with realtime information about the position of the vehicle, delays and possible connections or simply about next stops and stations, while letting the common carrier broadcast commercials (targeted based on the day time) on the same frame. Informing and entertaining customers, taking advantage of a contingent audience, is one of the aspects this sector is focusing its investments in. Indicating routes to reach gates and boarding areas, as well as bars, shops, security, banks… communicating departures, arrivals, unforseen changings, advertising promotions… broadcasting entertaining videos… these are just some ways to take advantage of digital signage solutions in an airport.


In Universities and schools, Digital Signage application shouldn’t sound odd at all, if we think about how new generations interact with technologies on a daily basis. Videos and pictures better engage students and increase their productivity. At building entrances, in staff rooms, in cafeterias, reaching not only students, but also teachers or possible guests of the institute.

News regarding sports and other events the institute may be participating to, internal communications (duty and rules), class and meeting schedules, lunch menus, scheduled internships, seminars and planned gatherings are just some examples of the contents that can be displayed.


In hotels and restaurants, convention centers and other facilities open to the public, Digital Signage is a worthy communication channel for customers and visitors, capable of distributing information of many kinds, to highlight promotions, entertain guests or efficiently manage queues.

In banks, advertising new product features or temporary promotions can improve sales; displaying entertaining videos can reduce the perceived waiting time, increasing customer satisfaction for the service, and drawing customers’ attention: all primary objectives of the extremely competitive financial sector.


In companies, it is useful to make employees aware of important notifications and to share information about achieved goals, working as a lever to improve employee productivity and commitment. It is also important to display production line real-time performances, or to recall important safety measures, behavior rules, do’s and dont’s, helping workers coordinate their activities and doing so with minumum risk; to keep coworkers, guests and customers up to date with news about the company itself; to inform about scheduled meetings and events or even just to display the lunch menu.


Recent studies show that consumers’ attention in the produce department (where they make most of their decisions) reaches a peak, as does the effectiveness of focused promotions, displayed in real-time. The large-scale retail business is increasingly interested in targeted visual promotion methods. Indication about directions for given departments and areas are further examples of using digital signage to draw new customers’ attention.


Theaters, cinemas, entertainment facilities can gain immense benefits, informing of forthcoming events, show schedule, emergency exits or facility maps, but also of merchandise and goods (like catalogs or DVDs) that may be on sale, as well as sponsored and related events (expositions, conventions, etc.).

Generally speaking, digital signage is a useful companion to enhance every free-time related activity.


The implementation of displays, placed in a strategic way so as to target contents to specific audience segments, allows to draw consumers’ attention, carrying undeniable advantages for gyms, wellness centers and other public spaces.


Beside these sectors, many others (public administrations, fair or entertainment facilities, department stores, outlets, service stations…) are finding new ways everyday new ways to take advantage of professional digital signage solutions: for businesses that want to highlight their offers with an effective communication; for the public administration, that wishes to improve its relations with citizens; for companies, that aim at strengthening their brand and enhance communication with employees.

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