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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does the CDL display show the customer?

    After a call, the current number being served is displayed. The fixed number is then shown until service has been completed.

  • How do I configure the information to be displayed on the CDL?

    In general, for both data to be shown as well as the other parameters, the CDL can be easily configured using a common browser, by accessing the features provided by the integrated Web server. When used for queue management purposes, the characteristics and the displayed contents are directly handled by the SmartQ application, thanks the system programming and according to the services provided.

  • What is the keypad kit for?

    This accessory can be used for calling the next number. It is a suitable solution, in very simple situations, where the clerk window is always open and provides a single service. Therefore, the operator has no need to use the window client, to select the service to be provided or to open or close the service window, but rather only needs to interact with the display, with this accessory, to show the ticket number called.

  • Why should I choose a DOMINO as a window display, instead of the less expensive CDL?

    In general, the features offered by the DOMINO display are greater than those offered by the CDL. Flashing text, with a configurable frequency, two lines for displaying messages, and acoustic sound when a new ticket is called, are all features that only DOMINO is capable of offering, to communicate a greater amount of information and to support customers when they request services. On the other hand, the smaller size of the CDL, as well as its lower price, make the CDL an interesting choice, which is quite capable of displaying the information that customers need most: the ticket number currently being served.

  • Is maintenance necessarily performed directly on the device?

    Not necessarily. Our recently designed devices have an integrated Web server, and therefore configuration and synchronization can be performed remotely, by means of a simple browser. This feature greatly simplifies and speeds up maintenance, especially when the location of the device is not always easily reached.

  • Is there a particular way of cleaning the CDL?

    Cleaning this device is very simple: just use a soft cloth, dry or damp with normal water, without specific detergents, which should be avoided since they can ruin the frontal protection.

  • What does PoE mean?

    PoE is an acronym for Power over Ethernet. This technology makes it possible to use an ethernet cable as a power supply as well.

  • What are the advantages of PoE?

    The advantage is that costs are reduced since it is not necessary to install electric cables to supply power to the system and since it is far more simple and quick to install the system itself. Furthermore, the low-voltage power supply makes this device much safer.